Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Closing Remarks

I have been "writing" the posts to this blog over last 10 months. There are 65 posts on this blog including this last one.

I will stop writing the posts to this blog on this Vikruti Naama samvatsara Sravana Poornima. This full moon day is celebrated by one and all in various forms as raksha bandhan, upakarma, Hayagriva Jayanti etc., It is a time for celebration for both "Bhogis" and "Yogis"!!

Dharma i.e., that which holds everything in their respective positions is of two kinds.

1. The pravrutti lakshana dharma
This is the one applicable for the individuals who are interested in Bhogas i.e., Bhogis the seekers of pleasure (which is temporary). The nature of this dharma is "conservation". In absolute sense, there is nothing which can be produced completely new; There is nothing that can be destroyed completely. Action is capable of differentiating already existing raw material into a more purified or consumable material. Then by consumption of the purified material, it goes to further transformation into different forms and names. Forms and Names are supported by Actions of the Bhogis; The cycle of transformation is governed by this pravrutti lakshana dharma. All the bhogis should be aware that, they need to "produce" the things for their own "consumption" (vishayas.) No one can really cheat the other person or steal the "hard work" of another person. In the infinite cyclic movement of time any temporary debts or loans or credits or deposits between individuals are reconciled and balance is maintained to keep all that exists is intact by the dharma. This pravrutti lakshana dharma is applicable for all the living beings i.e, plants, animals and human beings. Different names and forms of beings interpret this dharma as per their own capability. All the religions, social laws, governments etc., deal with this dharma. The goal of this dharma in concise form is "To help others is virtue; to harm others is vice" or "Ahimsa paramo dharmah" means not intending to harm anyone either by deed, speech or thought is the highest virtue.

To reach this highest virtue of ahimsa, each individual manifestation should follow the "prescribed duties" called swadharma as per the type of manifestation and the stage of that manifestation called as varna and ashrama.

2. The nivrutti lakshana dharma
The nivrutti lakshana dharma starts with Ahimsa. One who is successful in attaining the goal of AHIMSA (this is the first yama of astanga yoga path) is on the path of YOGA automatically. Yoga is all about turning the whole equipment of psycho emotional energies of an individual inward. It starts with yamas and niyamas. The Yoga ends in samyama (dharana + dhyana + samadhi) leading an individual completely aware of one's own true nature. Having attained the samadhi, the Higher Knowledge of VEDANTA comes to him automatically without any further effort.

The contents of this blog mostly deal with the Nivrutti Lakshana Dharma which is suitable for striving yogis (seekers of eternal peace). In this modern day world, two words heavily misused are "YOGA" and "VEDANTA".

If someone says "Yoga will improve your health." Then the person may be talking about "asanas" as some body postures. It is not really YOGA. (only after sufficient success in yama and niyamas leading to Iswara Pranidhanam, the asana will help!)
If someone says "Yoga will reduce your stress." Then most likely the person may be talking about "pranayama" as some breathing exercises. It is not really YOGA. (only after sufficent success in asana, the pranayama can be taught)
If someone says "Yoga will improve your concentration and mind power." Then it is most likely a "pratyahara" technique assisted with some external tools. It is not really YOGA. (only after sufficient success in pranayama one can get success in pratyahaara)

It costs NOTHING to learn yoga. YOGA is free, yogeswara Lord Sri Krishna continuously makes it available to all deserving individuals at free of charge!

All that one need to do to deserve it is "completely and actively" surrender to the LORD!

So, the dharma that starts with samkhya yoga and ends in moksha sannyasa yoga is the Nivrutti Lakshana Dharma which leads an individual to his eternal truly blissful state by giving up all the actions, forms and names.

one can never mix the pravrutti and nivrutti together because they go in opposite directions.

Pravrutti is all about building up forms and names by the means of taking up the actions there by causing Birth and Death of different forms and names

where as

Nivrutti is all about giving up all the actions there by transcending names and forms and rising above the DEATH and BIRTH!

Sanatana Dharma is the eternal dharma that holds all that what ever exists either it belongs to Pravrutti or Nivrutti paths and hence it is called ETERNAL PRINCIPLE or ETERNAL LAW or ETERNAL TRUTH.

om tat sat

Note: The interpretation provided on these 65 posts of this blog are from a little ego identified as Prasad Chitta. It may not be exact or accurate. Use the information with due care and at your own discretion.

This marks the end of avirodha - non-contradiction phase of my vedanta saadhana.

If any of the readers like the explanation, it is the grace of saints starting from Lord Sri Krishna, Bhagavan Veda Vyasa, Govinda bhagavadpaada, Bhagavan Adi Sankaracharya down all the way to my guru who have their lotus feet radiate the essence of knowledge like an infinite ocean of nectar. They have only one reason to give / leave the information in the form of an instruction. That one reason is --- "Universal Well Being!"

Let there be peace (in all three layers) and let that peace be experienced by one and all!

om santi santi santih.